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Rebecca McLaughlin

Rebecca McLaughlin

Consulting Principal

P.h.D., English Literature, Cambridge University; author and speaker


Rebecca McLaughlin holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge and has extensive experience developing content at the highest level. She has worked with senior professors from Harvard and MIT, world-class scientists, economists, philosophers, lawyers, consultants, and musicians.  Dozens of her clients attest to having a transformative experience that has changed how they think about communication in all areas of their lives.

Rebecca’s approach is both data-driven and creative: she draws on cutting-edge research in communications and a deep well of rhetorical skill to help leaders craft and deliver their talks. Rather than squeezing clients into a generic mold, Rebecca helps people develop the most compelling articulation of their message in their own style.

Rebecca’s own public communication experience ranges from delivering a speech to the professors and selected students of Trinity College, Cambridge, to addressing prisoners in one of London’s women’s prisons.  She has spoken to audiences of 1000 students and 500 philanthropists and trained multiple cohorts of world-class professors.  Rebecca has done student stand-up, composed award-winning poetry, and written and directed a comedy version of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged).  Words are her passion.  Delivery is her play.

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